In 2007, a Tibetan Spaniel was bought by Jeffrey for his girlfriend, Miko, as a birthday gift.

The cute little puppy had a pair of HUGE significant eyes and that was how she came about to own the name “Blink Blink”.


As time passed by, Blink Blink came to grow as big as her appetite. As much as her appetite grew, somehow Blink Blink became choosier towards her food. To ensure a well balanced diet for her, the founders, Jeffrey & Miko, went the extra mile by making homemade pastries and treats for their beloved fur kid, Blink Blink!


In August 2008, Blink Pets Bakery was officially open for business online.

We at Blink Pets Bakery believe that all pets deserve to be pampered with “yummylicious”, healthy and well balanced diet pastries and treats. Hence, “BAKE with Love, SERVE with Passion” is always the motto of Blink Pets Bakery.